Making friends and OpenSource at Hacktoberfest 2019 Guwahati

Hacktoberfest was started by Digital Ocean 3 years ago but it took a while for Guwahati to organize an offline event to promote opensource among students and professionals alike.

Nonetheless, it was finally attempted this year by a loose bunch of opensource enthusiasts, some of them happen to be part of the fossassam community, some are students, some are working but all are learners.

The idea was to run a WhatsApp study group and organize two meetups.

  • The goal of the WhatsApp group was to help answer any questions participants had and to make them meet interesting people online.
  • The goal of the offline event was to motivate and show students the possibilities and opportunities in opensource as well as give them a strong understanding of git and GitHub basics.

We choose WhatsApp because it’s the most approachable by someone who’s completely new. (See What’s Next for why we plan to make the WhatsApp group dormant)


Making friends

Opensource is great for making friends and connections. Throughout the conversations in the WhatsApp group and in the offline events, we tried our best to keep things super friendly and welcoming which literally is the entire opensource community. We hope the participants made a friend or two or many when attending the events.

Offline meet at RGU

Date: 19th September 2019


Offline meet at GU

Date: 26th September 2019


  • The same slides were used as the first event.


Thanks to all the mentors involved in carrying out Hacktoberfest Guwahati.

What is next?

We hope we can get some more support when we do the Hacktoberfest next year, but till then hoping to co-organize few more awesome events and help students learn more :)