Wrapping up TF All Around Guwahati

aud The FossAssam team along with the speakers for the event had a great time organizing Tensorflow All Around Guwahati on 14th September’19 at Royal Global University. We had around ~50 enthusiastic participants out of ~100 that registered. Thanks to RGU for providing an excellent venue for the event.

Group Photo

The goal was to introduce newcomers to Machine Learning and Tensorflow and show what it is like to use Machine learning in the Industry for people who are already working with these concepts and technologies.

vc Prof. S.P Singh Inagurating the event.


Students from local colleges and working professionals were the primary audience. The event kicked-off with Introduction to TensorFlow by rajatkb from Zaloni, his talk involved a lot of introductory math required to break into machine learning followed by a code walk with Tensorflow.

Dipanjan Up next was Dipanjan Sarkar from Red Hat which was a super interesting talk titled The practical effectiveness of Deep learning, my favorite part of the talk was the case study on how they were using Deep learning in their Data Centers.

Google was kind enough to sponsor us pizzas for lunch, stuffing the pizza in we were ready for the next half of the event.


The first talk after lunch was by skk, his talk was aimed at total newcomers and more on understanding concepts and the ecosystem surrounding AI in 2019. He used simple language and a lot of multimedia content to drive the goal of his talk. It was an excellent followup on Tensorflow after rajatkb’s talk on Introduction to TensorFlow.


The final talk for the event was delivered by joinalahmed, titled Tensorflow and Deep Learning. Though the title seems vague, his talk was a total walkthrough about achieving precision and how to go about optimizing a machine learning problem, what decisions are to be taken, what are the caveats, etc.

team Finally, we had an open discussion about anything the participants wanted to talk about and got some awesome feedback. That’s when we called it a day. :)

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